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YTBuddy is a free youtube subscriptions monitor that will continuously check the 100 newest videos in your subscriptions list and will download the ones you are missing, thumbnails included. YTBuddy will also check your subscriptions every 6 hours for closed/suspended accounts and will automatically unsubscribe them.

But there is more: when enabled YTBuddy will download also the 20 most popular or most recent tinypic/photobucket videos.

YTBuddy must run as Administrator if installed inside the "Program files" folder.

Download - Installer
(download the YTBuddy installer to avoid problems with missing dll and ocx files)

1) Fill the Login and Password fields (leave them empty if you only want the photobucket videos)
2) S
et the delay (default value is 5 minutes)
3) Set Photobucket(PB) to 'popular' or 'recent' if you want to monitor PB.
4) Set the number of PB pages you want to monitor, if any
5) Click Start and go to sleep ;)

Command line options:
-L yourusername -> sets the youtube login
-P yourpassword -> sets the youtube password
-D # -> sets the delay to # minutes (optional)
-T # -> set # to 1 for popular videos or # = 2 for recent videos (optional)
-TP # -> monitor the first # photobucket pages (optional)

Sample shortcuts:
C:\YTBuddy\YTBuddy.exe -L mylogin -P mypassword
will monitor youtube subscriptions with the default 5 minutes delay, tinypic monitor is disabled.

C:\YTBuddy\YTBuddy.exe -L mylogin -P mypassword -T 2 -TP 3 -D 6
will monitor youtube subscriptions with a 6 minutes delay, PB monitor is enabled on the first 3 pages of the most recent videos.

YTBuddy will skip videos already downloaded by TubEmAll if you place them in the same folder.

This software is in a beta stage, please report bugs here

YTBuddy is owned by Hari Seldon. Copyright © 2007-2011 Hari Seldon.
YTBuddy is not affiliated with Youtube or Tinypic. All logos and content are property of their owners

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